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Upcoming Parent Information Evening: Montessori in the Primary Years

Farmhouse Montessori School is a non-profit community school for children aged from two to six years.

Set in beautiful grounds beside Balgowlah North primary School, the children have the opportunity to develop in an environment designed to develop respect for the environment and encourage skills in harmonious relationships.

The school houses two pre-primary classes of 25 children each in the 3-6 age range, and a toddler class of up to 16 children in the 2-3′s room. Contact us to discuss your child’s enrolment today!

Our teaching program follows the principles developed by Dr Maria Montessori. Montessori teaching methods are used in increasing numbers in schools throughout the world as awareness of its support for the long term development of the person is recognised.

At Farmhouse we are committed to helping the child develop as an individual and as part of a community. We also provide an environment that encourages and supports the child’s awareness of their importance in caring for each other and their role in caring for the earth and its inhabitants.

Our daughter Sienna has developed in so many ways since she started at Farmhouse Montessori in the last term of 2004.

Sienna has become much more independent. She has learned to do so many new things for herself. She’s so eager to keep learning more and in the Farmhouse environment there is no doubt she will. The pride she feels in her accomplishments is obvious and it’s great as parents to see her self-confidence growing.

Sienna has always been a keen learner, even before she started at the Farmhouse. Academically she has been kept well stimulated. Not only do the children learn the standard things you would expect (letter, numbers etc), but wonderful things about nature, the environment, the universe & so much more. Sienna constantly surprises us with what she knows (at three and a half she could tell us all the planets in the solar system!).

Sienna has become much more confident socially. She has made many wonderful friends who we hope will be a part of her life for many years to come & whose families we hope will be a part of our lives too. We’ve also found other Farmhouse parents to be a great support network. It really has been like becoming part of an extended family.”

Angela Lehmann, Sienna Anderson’s mum.