Birthday celebrations

At the Farmhouse birthdays are celebrated in a very Montessori way. We explain to the children that it takes the Earth one year to travel around the Sun : this is one unit of measurement for time.

A candle is lit to represent the sun. The ‘birthday child’ holds a globe and walks around the sun once and stops; the first birthday has been reached. If a photograph of the ‘one year old’ is available then we all look at it, we will then mention a special event that happened to the child during that year as provided by the parent. This is repeated until the current birthday is reached.

The child then blows out the candle and Happy Birthday is sung. This is then followed by a birthday snack the child may bring in.

On your child’s birthday you may wish to donate a book to the library. The children can take great delight in hearing who donated particular books over the years and how long ago particularly if they are older siblings, or themselves. The school has a stock of books that you can choose from, the child writes his/her name on a label inside the cover and the book is read at the end of the birthday celebration. A donation of $10 (tax deductible) is asked to cover the cost of the book.