Parental involvement

Farmhouse Montessori is a community school which receives funding from the Department of Community Services.

It is also a parent-run school, and parents enrolling their children are expected to assist with the maintenance and running of the school. This includes participating in our Family Involvement program by being involved in working bees, clean-up sessions, fund-raising or community events, and taking a place on the school council at some point. This level of participation keeps fees down and, more importantly, builds a school in which children and parents alike take much pride. There is an annual working bee levy if families are unable to participate in a minimum of 2 out of 5 working bees.

Assistance in School Activities

Parents are encouraged to assist the school by:

  • attend working bees
  • making classroom materials,
  • helping out on open day,
  • sharing expertise with a class at the invitation of the directress.

The Montessori experience has been a positive one and has enriched our lives in many ways. Lizzie is happy at ‘big school’ and brimming with enthusiasm for her work. The transition to a traditional classroom setting has been effortless. When asked, how her day had been, she replied “Perfect, I can’t wait till tomorrow!”. What more can you ask for?

My advice is, get involved and enjoy being a part of this unique Montessori community.