Financial policies

The School Council determines the financial policies including the annual budgets and fees. They are consistent with, and seek to reinforce the commitment to the full programme that parents make when their child commences at the school.

The school finances are administered by the Board who are elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Manly Warringah Montessori Society each year.  The Treasurer is assisted by the School Secretary and the Bookkeeper who deal with the day-to-day responsibilities including banking, invoicing, salaries and correspondence.  A Registered Company Auditor audits the school accounts annually.

Society Fees

Presently, annual membership of the society is per family unit and confers one vote per member at all general meetings of the Society and the right for either parent to stand for election to the Council.

Enrolment Application Fee

To enrol a child at the School payment of the enrolment application fee must be made before the child is placed on the waitlist.

Enrolment Security Fee

The security fee is charged to ensure the financial viability of the school.

Families are expected to commit their child until three in the Toddler class and for the three-year programme in the Pre-primary class. This is known as “your child’s cycle”. Fees are based on the assumption that all children remain for their full cycle. The purpose of the security fee is to compensate the school for any financial loss and associated costs incurred by the early and unexpected withdrawal of a child.The security fee must be paid before the child can begin. This is re-turned on completion of the child’s cycle within four weeks after the child’s last day. Early withdrawal before the end of your child’s cycle will result in the loss of the security fee.
In extreme circumstances application may be made to the council for return of the security fee. If granted a minimum of 50% is retained for administration costs.

Term Fees

School fees are set so that, together with government subsidies, cover the day-to-day running costs of the school.  Extra funds for specific items and purposes outside these areas may, however, be required. The School Council reviews fees annually.

Fees are invoiced and are payable in full two weeks before the end of the previous term. A discount is received if full payment is made by this date.

Where fees are unpaid two weeks after the due date and no arrangement has been made with the Principal or the Treasurer for payment arrangements, the fee will increase by $50.00.

If your family is having difficulty paying please speak to the Principal or Council Treasurer in order to make alternative arrangements for payment. The onus is on the parents to negotiate a system of progress payments  before this date in order to avoid the increased fee.

All cheques are to be made payable to the Manly Warringah Montessori Society. For security reasons no cash will be accepted. Bank details for direct deposits to our account, can be obtained from the school secretary.

Maintenance levy

Each family is required to contribute $125 per term. These funds are used to contribute to the cost of maintenance and hiring of contractors for maintenance tasks.

Fundraising levy

Each year a fundraising auction night is held to raise funds for a substantial item at the school.

Additional financial gifts or donations can be made to the Farmhouse Montessori School Gift Fund which is tax deductible.