Grievance policy

Grievances or complaints may arise from time to time and it is important that they are handled and not ignored.  An unexpressed or unresolved grievance can often escalate unnecessarily. 

Parents have the right to complain or dissent on any school-related issue. If you have a grievance the following people are to be consulted.

  • Principal - matters relating to enrolments, the classroom and all educational matters.
  • President - the administration of the school ie Council meetings, fees, etc.

Confidentiality of any issue raised will be respected at all times.


Parents are required to follow the grievance procedure if they have a complaint or wish to dissent on any school related matter. Details of all discussions and meetings must be recorded, signed by all parties involved and placed in the Concerns and Grievances Register.

  1. Discuss the matter with the appropriate person e.g. classroom issues with the classroom directress, a fundraising issue with the fundraising officer, finance with the book keeper/treasurer etc.
  2. If either party is dissatisfied they may take the matter further to the next level and request a meeting with the Principal or President of the Council.
  3. If still unsatisfied, a meeting with the Principal, President, a Liaison Officer appointed from the Council and any parties involved will be convened to discuss the issue.
  4. If still unsatisfied with the outcome the matter may be referred to the School Council, by way of a written submission. This submission must outline the problem and proposed solution(s). This letter must be received by the Thursday before the next scheduled Council meeting. The issue will then be raised at the Council meeting.  All parties will be consulted and the outcome reported at the following Council meeting. Written notification from the Council of the final decision will be made within 5 working days of the meeting.
  5. If the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome, and the matter relates to the quality of services being provided by the school, the matter may be raised with the Dept. of Community Services or Department of Education