School goals

The Farmhouse Montessori school community embraces the following goals:

  • to contribute to the education facilities in NSW by establishing and maintaining a Montessori school of the highest standards
  • to help develop the child's self-confidence, independence and a positive attitude towards school
  • to develop initiative, curiosity and concentration, and foster inner security and a sense of order
  • to encourage the child to discriminate, judge, make decisions and interact socially, while retaining the child's individuality
  • to develop natural creative intelligence, imagination and persistence
  • to foster a co-operative and harmonious relationship between children, staff and parents
  • to apply the latest and most innovative educational and psychological findings to our programmes
  • to stimulate public, private and government interest in the Montessori method of education and act as a demonstration and learning centre from which Montessori practices may diffuse to other schools and institutions.