School management

Farmhouse Montessori is a community-run school. A Council of at least eight parents, elected annually, administers the management of the school’s governing body, the Manly Warringah Montessori Society. The Council meets monthly to discuss all matters dealing with the school.

The Manly Warringah Montessori Society is a non-profit limited liability company registered under Section 24 of the Companies Act, 1961, and operates within the dictates of its Memorandum and Articles of Association.

There is an annual membership fee to belong to the Society. To enrol your child, parents must become members of the Farmhouse Montessori School and maintain yearly membership while their children are on the waiting list or attending the school.

All members of the Society are entitled to the following:

  • One vote per member at all general meetings of the Society and the right to stand for election to the Council.
  • All members receive the journal Montessori for Life twice a year.
  • At the school you’ll find a library with books, magazines and videos about Montessori education, general education, child health and development and family dynamics. Any member of the Manly Warringah Montessori Society is welcome to borrow from the library.
  • We hold regular parent information evenings to discuss early childhood development and parenting issues. Details of the next information evening will be on the website, or you can call the school.
  • The annual Montessori Open Day is held at Montessori schools throughout NSW in March. Everyone is welcome to attend.

The council and committees welcome members with skills or commitment in areas such as organisation, fundraising, finances, law, catering, editing, public relations, maintenance etc. See our Parent Involvement page for details of council positions and the current incumbents.

The school’s annual report (2010 financial year) is available for download here.